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We are a local and family owned discount furniture store featuring a great costumer experience. We carry a bedroom sets, mattress sets, recliners and much more. We want to make sure We want you to be happy with your new Purchase.

Call us today or come to our store to check the inventory and you will leave with a comfort and restful mattress at the best possible price.

We are service the Tri-County Area including Dade, Broward, and the Palm Beaches.

Mattress 4 Less: The Best and More Reliable Mattress Discount Stores

We know you want a mattress that suits the design of your room and provides you the best sleep. We are the leading mattress outlet that stocks a variety of styles and designs to fit any room and a variety of comfortable grades, to harmonize or complement diverse sleeping position.

We offer brand name mattress for less price, available in a range of styles and sizes for any bedroom in your home. Our range takes account of king, double, single, small double, queen sets as well as super sized beds to fit the needs of our clients.

A reliable mattress could make all the difference with regards to good sleep. It is proven. When you struggle with night-discomfort, muscle aches, pain which does not depart even if you lie down, and have issues keeping asleep because of soreness, call us we have the latest memory foam mattresses.

If you are looking for a latex mattress, you come to the right place. We are latex bedding enthusiasts, and we have a wide selection of latex mattress available for a fraction of cost.

Keep it conventional with modern coil mattress, or get the state of the art hybrid mattress. It mixes memory foam and coils to provide you an exceptional as well as restful sleep.

Adjustable bases could be bought to replace your box springs. If you buy at Mattress 4 Less, we have crews that are skilled in setting up adjustable cases. They will also show you the proper way of working your bases.

Mattress 4 Less carries the largest brands which include Beauty Sleep, Tempur-Pedic, S&F and many more. The most admirable thing is purchasing at outlet prices could save you up to 70%.

At Mattress 4 Less, we provide cheap and affordable mattresses. Once you find the mattresses with similar specs and features, quality and material elsewhere with lower costs, just tell us and we are willing to give it to you in the same price. We also have Hallandale mattress and Aventura mattress sale

Our Services

Purchase Confidently

At Mattress 4 Sale, our objective is not only to sell mattresses; we also offer home furniture for less. We also offer our clients with a choice to swap their products in 30 days of the purchase once they think that their choice was wrong.

Easy Financing

Never compromise on the quality of sleep because of budget constraints. Our countless of finance options enables you to pay the fee in simple, interest free installments. Call us now to know you status criteria and your eligibility.

Mattress 4 Less is the best mattress store in Miami that offer cheap and affordable mattress. Visit us to see the wide selections of high quality mattresses and beds on sale.

Mattress4less-Expert in the Set up of your Master Bedroom
Sleep is undoubtedly one of the most basic prerequisites of the human bodies. This is essential part to guarantee a complete well-being of the human body, both physically and mentally. That is why Mattress4less is dedicated to provide you with a better sleep. Our range of products includes relaxing bed, comfortable sofa or a recliner for your satisfying sleep. We are of the largest suppliers of sleeping beds and mattresses in South Florida. We also have our outlets in most of the cities in South Florida such as Aventura, Dania beach, and Davie.
Special Pillow-top mattress

Since bed promises a good and sound sleep, it just becomes necessary that a mattress be placed on it as well. This is an important function to help keep your body fit. We will provide you with proper mattresses that suit your body requirement. We have a range of mattresses for all your needs. We have standard choices of 7”, 10”, 12” and 14” mattresses with materials such as gel foam.

Our pillow top mattress comes with an extra layer of padding that is sewn right through the top. This padding is consisted of a memory foam, regular foam, fiberfill, latex, wool and cotton. With special customer requirements, the pillow tops can be given with an integrated appearance with the mattress (euro top).

Why choose our Pillow top?

The advantages of our special pillow top mattresses are durability and longevity. Our mattresses are designed to give you support on your back with special support on the edges. Our pillow top mattresses have Pillow top beds with sophisticated and specific spring systems in keeping a movement isolated. This will help in order not to get your partner disturbed while sleeping in bed.

Mattress4less thinks about all customers that whether you are a skinny or heavy one, our pillow top mattresses are built to accommodate up to 250 pounds. With all these, the pillow is very lightweight that makes it easy to carry and move around rooms. Unlike all other airbed mattresses, our pillow top is attached to the mattress that promises you a sound and a comfortable sleep. If you have just shifted to Aventura, Mattress4less outlet near you is the best place for you to buy your mattress.

Beds to fit your mattress

The mattress may seem like the most important part of a bed, but for maximum comfort and style, consider the kind of bed base when outfitting your bedroom. Mattress4less outlets offer a variety of bed bases with different shapes, sizes, and styles. We have both platform bed bases and adjustable bed bases for sale.

In addition, if you are looking for maximum under-bed storage, think about a bed with a built-in storage. Our bed bases come with a drawer that maximizes space for off-season clothing and linens. The bottom of a bed can affect then entire atmosphere and style of a bedroom. Thus, our bed bases come with black or white leather that expresses such a luxurious elegance.

Our metal bed bases also come with folding capabilities. These allow the ease and convenience in transforming any room into a sleeping space. A matching headboard completes a bed base. A white cotton headboard with a gray wool base, for example, can also add up some flare to any room design. We have special headboards that include storage or display of books to make up for the thick appearance of the bed base. This promises a room such a cozy feel. Nevertheless, headboards are more common for any bedbases; footboards are attached only upon the requirement of a customer

Our all-purpose recliners

While Matress4less specializes in beds and mattresses, we also have a wide range of recliners on offer for our customers. While buying a recliner, you must also pay attention to considering various factors. A recliner that does not fit to your body size is with no use. Similarly, a recliner that is too big or too small for your room is also a problem.  Mattress4less takes care of all these factors for you to get the perfect mattress for such a heavenly relaxation. With comfort, longevity is another issue that you must take care of when you buy a recliner.

Our recliners at mattress4less have an average lifespan of 10-15 years even after rough use. We have recliners with a variety of added features. For example, our stressless recliners offer added comfort features such an articulating headrest, which cradles the head and neck in the reclining position.

In addition, recliners such as these can offer you with a chance to completely recline. They also have the so-called dual support base whereas the recliner base will provide more support if you will sit or will recline in full position. Our specialized recliners offer you a full body support even when you are in reclining position. If you are still confused which recliner will fit your purpose, drop in at any of our outlets at Aventura, Dania beach or Davie. Our sales persons will guide you through all the different types of recliners so that you can choose the best one for you and your family.

One stop solution for your master bedroom

Mattress4less are also expert in setting up your Master bedroom.  We have our team of experienced craftsmen to make your master bedroom a luxurious one. We have a huge variety of master bedroom sets that you can choose for your home.

We offer both wood and metal bases for the preparation of a master bedroom. The bases will be decorated with leather or foam toppings for more and various designs. Our Westerland bedroom set and Voeville Platinum Set are also the most popular ones. While Westerland gives your bedroom an antique look, Voeville is more of a modern styled bedroom. Matress4less has created a niche in the field of bed and mattresses. For years, mattress4less has become a brand name that provides you with comfortable designer mattresses at competitive costs. In South Florida, especially in Aventura, Dania beach and Davie, Mattress4less outlets are ready to serve you with specialized beds and mattresses to give you a luxurious  sleep at night.